Cristtee Imperial Soap made with 18 types of exotic herbs along with our signature premium plants' oil formula for anti-aging, whitening moisturizing and nourishing. Suitable for all skin types.

Cristtee Imperial Soap

  • - Specially made by Cristtee, for damage skin, who experience
    side effects using steriod or chemical peeling skincare
    products such hydroquinone, tretinoin etc.
    - It stimulate the production of collagen and decreased
    wrinkles & roughness of the skin
    - Healing to dry, combination, irritated skin
    - Secret Beauty recipe using White Pearl powder and more than
    20 types of chinese herbs of the ancient china
    - Secret Beauty recipe only availble by the Royal imperial
    families in Ancient china (Dowage Chi xi慈喜太后, 西施Xi Shi)
    - Excellent whitening and provided brightness & glossiness to
    the skin
    - Effectively reduce/fade sunburns, scars, hyperpigmentation,
    freckle and scars

    Exotic ingredients: Cold pressed Rose Hip oil, Mulberry extract, Hazelnut oil, Shea butter, Sweet almond oil, Olive oil, White pearl powder, Ancient Chinese Beauty Herbs, Mulwort, Rosewood essential oil, Maychang Essential oil and Patcouli Essential oil

    **Suitable for all skin types included sensitive skin
    Due to the expensive and limited ingredients, only limited stock are available.