It is made with grounded Italian Coffee Powder as body scrub, perfect for rough spots, Cellulite and Veins. It is recommended to use on Body only.

Coffee Body Scrub Soap

  • - A Powerful exfoliator for dark spots around your neck,
    under arm pit, waist, between thigh
    - It Also powerful exfoliator for rough spots like elbow & feet
    - Excellent odor remover with moisturizing and deodorizing
    - Remove old dead skin make skin look younger & fresher
    - Caffeine content in this soap minimize the appearance of
    cellulite & varicose veins
    - Ground coffee bean scrub help to massage your skin and
    improving blood circulation
    - Relieve muscle pain
    - It also help to reduce excess fat around your waist & thigh

    Coconut oil, Palm Oil, Olive Oil, Lye, Water, Brew Coffee, freshly ground Italian Coffee Bean.