It is made with Australian Red Coral Powder rich with minerals, perfect for deep cleansing and slow down your skin's aging process.

Australian Red Coral Anti-Wrinkle Soap

  • - For yellow and dull skin
    - Specially made for individual who apply facial cosmetic
    daily such as compact powder, foundation, BB cream & etc.
    it will restores moisture and soften the facial skin help
    to reduce fine wrinkle
    - It will fully rejuvenate your skin
    - Contain Organic Australia Red Coral Clay rich in mineral
    - Promote gentle deep cleansing
    - Customers experience rosy cheek after using
    - It will also regenerate for beauty skin

    Coconut oil, Palm Oil, Olive Oil, Canola Oil, Lye & Water, Organic Australia Red Coral Powder, Essential oil (Spike Lavender)