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The Story of Cristtee

Cristtee is a natural skincare company founded in 2012. All of our product are hand-made from the finest plant based ingredients. They contain no preservative, coloring and all other chemicals that are usually present in these products. Since it is 100% hand-made all of our production are in limited quantities. We craft them with passion and love, ensure them are safe to use before ship it out into your hand.

It was in 2010 when one of our family members have had a hyper-sensitive skin problem, in order to help him to ease his agony, we attempted to find the best soap available in the market at that moment but we failed.

Everyone of them contains Chemical which irritated the skin and made it worst. Eventually,  we decided to make one ourselves.

The quest of soap making started in the summer of 2010. We started doing researched, seek guidances, flew all over the world to learn from the best soap maker out there, Then, we refined and tested ourselves, again and again until the Summer of 2011, we made our first batch of soap that suitable for the hyper-sensitive skin. Six months after that, the skin problem was cured. 

We were glad that our quest has comes to an end, we wanted to move on with our life. Thus, we were giving away, all the soaps we made, to friends, friends of friend even stranger we met.  We thought that was the closure we had with the soap.  Two months after, we started to receive calls, from friends, friends of friend and strangers who somehow managed to get our phone numbers, asking us to sell them soaps. At that moment, we realized we have the solution other people also need.  From there, we started a new quest pledge to help people who has skin problems with the solution we found. The rest like they said is history...

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