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Cristtee® Handcrafted Soap

'being natural'...

The Natural solution to your skin's problems

Over the years we have learnt from the pros around the world about soap making. Eventually, we perfected the art and developed our own formulas that could treat all kind of skin's problems with mixing different propotion of plant oils. From oily skin to Eczema, the formula will improve your condition the natural way!

We have many people with their skin's problems.

The estimated return rates of our customers who have

used our products reached 95%.

It is beacuse there is no other product in the market

which is comparable to ours.

Made with Premium Botanical Oils

It takes 45 days, 1080 hours to make one

Every piece of our soap is handmade, it takes about 45 days for it to cure to a ph 7-8 stage where all the lye inside were neutalized. Time is the most expensive ingredient inside our soap.

 We set out our goal to make the best soap in the world. Thus, all of our soaps are made with high grade plant based oils. The major ingredient we used across our soap is the premium olive oil from Italy. All of our soaps contain at lease 50% of it. it is very rare you could find a soap in the market today has that much of premium olive oil inside. 

For Face

For Body

For Face & Body

Sweet Lavender Whitening Soap

Lemon Whitening Soap(for Night)

Cadendula Anti-Aging Soap

Cristtee® Sensitive Soap

Chamomile Anti-Allergy Soap

Moisturizing soap with sun protection and whitening properties.

It also good for blackhead and itchiness.

Whitening soap with Lemon, excellent

for Whitening, pigmentation, freckles, acne and open pores. Only uses at night.


It is made for scar,wound or sun burn with Calendula Oil which is excellent for skin restoration.

Our special formulated soap for sensitive skin such as hyper-sensitive skin. It is made with seven types of botanical oils. It is mild and soothing suitable for children and babies.


Our Chamomile soap is designed for skin allergy, infection and swelling.  Chamomile Oil can help to sooth and heal above skin problems.

We made it with 100% Arabica grounded coffee. It is great exfoliator and deodorizer. It is also good for removal of dark spot and dead skin.


Coffee Body Scrub Soap

Our Specially formulated moisturizing soap for preventing dehyration of your skin. Your skin will feel smooth and silky after used.

English Cottage Soap

The Australian Red Coral powder inside the soap is rich with iron. It is great for reducing fine wrinkles, deep cleansing and rejuvenation.


Australian Red Coral Anti-Wrinkle Soap

Our special formulated soap for Oily skin with Citronella Essential Oil and Bamboo Charcoal Powder. It is also great for reducing Acne, pimples and blackheads.

Citronella Anti Acne Soap

 Cristtee® Imperial Soap 

Cristtee® Special Edition Soap

 In Qing Dynasty(清朝), Empress Dowager Cixi (慈禧太后)ordered two of her medical doctors to look for anti-aging remedy.

Eventually, They have invented

"Yurong powder"(玉容散) which made with more than 28 types of exotic herbs.


The anti-aging properties kept the Empress looked like in her fourties when she actually was at her late sixties. It was the Empress favorite skincare and best kept secret until the end of the dynasty.


The secret ingredient was later found recorded inside the "Empress Guangxu Medical Medicaments" and made public.



- Anti-Aging

- Whitening

- Moisturising

- Treats pigmentation

- Get rid of fine wrinkles

- Treats blackhead & acne


We use "Yurong powder"(玉容散) with our formula to a soap which has excellent anti-aging and whitening properties. We also added all natural moisturizing ingredients to nourish your skin.

 Cristtee® Evening Primrose (E.P.O) Soap 


Evening primrose oil has proven to be a valuable treatment choice for people suffering from skin conditions, such as eczema, psoriasis, and atopic dermatitis. It also can help with various skin conditions such as redness, roughness and aged-related skin problems.


We used the best Evening primrose oil with our own formula to create a soap that can help people with problems mention above. It is an excellent moisturizer and softener for dry and mature skins.

It also help reduce pigmentation and scars.

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