Cristtee® Natural Skincare


Natural Cleansing Oil

It is made with Grapeseed Oil, Tea Tree & Lemon essential oils for deep cleasing and as a makeup remover

- Deep Cleansing

- Make-up Remover


Miracle Mist

It is a natural toner made with Bulgarian Rose  Essential Oil for toning your face

- Toning

- Beauty skin


- For dark circle eyes

- Reduces puffiness

- For nourishing skin around your eyes

- Reduces eyes bag & oil seeds

It is made with Hazelnut Oil & Clary Sage essential oil for your natural eyes care need.

Natural Eyes Essences


Aloe Vera Gel with cold pressed Jojoba Oil, Witch Hazel & Rose Geranium Essential Oil

for nourishing your skin

Aloe Vera Gel

- For skin hydration

- Reduce skin pores

- For nourishing and smoothing skin

- For skin healing




Rosehip Beauty Cream


Rejuvanates Essence

Firming Essence

It is riches with Avocado Oil , Hazelnut Oil & Witch Hazel for your skin rejuvenation

- For skin repairing

- For skin moisturizing

- To reduces dryness on skin

Grapeseed Oil, Witch Hazel, Rosemary essential oil and Pink Grapefruit essential oil are the ingredients for a perfect natural skin firming.

- For slimming puffy face

- To control acne

- To reduces swelling

Cristtee® Sensitive Lotion

It contains cold pressed Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Mulberry Extract

for perfect balancing of your skin.

- To balance uneven skin tone

- To treats itchiness

- Nourishing your skin

- for healing damage skin

Rosehip cream is specially designed for mature & dry skin*. It contains cold pressed Rosehip oil from France, Australian Walnut oil and Mulberry Extract along with Lavender essential oil and Ylang Ylang Essential oil for repair damage skin

* Not suitable for Oily skin

- To repair damaged skin

- To rehydrate dry skin

- Nourishing your skin

- For healing damage skin

- Treat age spots, wrinkles,

   pigmentation, uneven skin tone

- Promote smooth delicate, silky,

  fair looking skin

- Slow down aging process on skin






E.P.O. Day Essence

German Chamomile Day Essence

E.P.O. Day Essence is made with Evening Prime rose Oil(E.P.O) and  Petitgrain essential oil for dry and mature skin restoration and protection.


German Chamomile Day Essence is made for sensitive and acne skin with sun protection SPF17. It contains Avocado oil, Lavender essential Oil & German Chamomile essential oil for your sensitive skin protection


- To rehydrate dry skin

- Nourishing your skin

- To control age spots, wrinkles,

   pigmentation, uneven skin tone

- Excellent moisturizer

- Sun protection SPF25+.







- To rehydrate sensitive & Acne skin

- Nourishing your skin

- To control age spots, wrinkles,

   pigmentation, uneven skin tone

- Excellent moisturizer

- Sun protection SPF17

- Suitable for heavy make up users






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